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Meet Alistair ‘Jock’ McConnachie – a man with a passion for nature, woodwork, and creating beautiful objects. Having served time as a lawyer in Cape Town, Jock decided to change direction and get closer to nature. The result is Timber Village – a truly unique part saw mill and lumber yard and part artisan workshops and show room for bespoke contemporary furniture. In this short film Jock talks about Timber Village as well as the motivation to work with wood creating custom furniture. Look out for the giant slab of Yellowwood – a jaw-dropping piece of exotic timber.

Want to know more about the Woodwork at Timber Village?

The sanctuary of Timber Village belies an inner energy which manifests in the proliferation of wooden masterpieces, woodwork and woodcraft, hand-crafted with the tangible passion for wood.

The woody aroma of the forest coupled with the scents of sawdust which permeates the air, is intoxicating. Anyone who has ventured in to the Knysna forest will attest to the grandeur of the giant Yellowwood , Stinkwood and Ironwood trees , ferns, lichens, mosses and fungi. Birds like the Knysna Tauraco and elusive Narina Trogen, as well as occasional sightings of Blue Duiker and Bushbuck antelope – not to mention the Elephants!

From the earthy smell of the multi-coloured carpet of the leaf strewn forest floor, to the sun-filtered halo of the tree-top canopy, natures own cathedral enfolds you as you wind your way along pathways riddles with spoor of the forest fauna.

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