Timber Village has been creating signature, one of a kind furniture and woodcraft for over 30 years.

It is where magic happens, out of a deep passion for all things wood. Timber Village gives expression to the trees of the enchanting forest, through beautifully and meticulously hand-crafted products.

This rustic, soulful place nestled in the tranquil Welbedacht Valley on the outskirts of Knysna , heart of the Garden Route is were wood craftsmen whittle , carve and carpenter away in their little piece of paradise.

But don’t be fooled – the sanctuary of Timber Village belies an inner energy which manifests in the proliferation of wooden masterpieces and woodcraft, hand-crafted with the tangible passion for wood.

The woody aroma of the forest coupled with the scents of sawdust which permeates the air, is intoxicating. Anyone who has ventured in to the Knysna forest will attest to the grandeur of the giant Yellowwood , Stinkwood and Ironwood trees , ferns, lichens, mosses and fungi. Birds like the Knysna Tauraco and elusive Narina Trogen, as well as occasional sightings of Blue Duiker and Bushbuck antelope – not to mention the Elephants!

From the earthy smell of the multi-coloured carpet of the leaf strewn forest floor, to the sun-filtered halo of the tree-top canopy, natures own cathedral enfolds you as you wind your way along pathways riddles with spoor of the forest fauna.

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Timber Village’s handcrafted natural wood furniture is famous the world over, made from carefully selected indigenous timber. Timber Village crafts a wide range of products to cater for the individual needs of our customers. These include custom made chairs, bedside tables, headboards, tables, beds, coffee tables, doors, mantelpieces etc. Using traditional joining methods, these pieces become highly sought-after collectors’ items.

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Visitors to Timber Village can watch the craftsmen at work as they go about crafting unique products. Customers can select the raw timber from our extensive selection of over 6000 pieces. We encourage active interaction with our highly skilled craftsmen in planning and designing the piece. Our creative craftsmen offer experience, insight and advice to maximise the potential of each piece of timber. Visitors are welcome to observe as the timber is cut, crafted and assembled to their individual needs.

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Timber Village, Welbedacht Lane, Po Box 3398, Knysna, 6570 South Africa
+27 44 382 5649

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Timber Village ships internationally! We would love to create something beautiful for you, no matter where in the world you are!